Thursday, May 17, 2012

Iced Irish Creamed Almond Coffee

Worst. Drink. Name. Ever. It sounds like an Irishman did something unsavory to it. The drink, however, is what Megan has described as "amazeballs." This is a professional science term. Neil Degrasse Tyson uses it all the time. It is sweet, it has alcohol, and it tastes of coffee. What more could you want? Puppies? It doesn't have puppies. Puppies taste terrible.


Coffee ($4.49 for 12 oz.)
Almond Milk ($2.49 for 1/2 gal)
Irish Cream ($8.99 for 750 ml)

First step, make coffee. I used the whole bean coffee, which is the most expensive, but you can use any coffee you like. I also made the coffee a little weak. I imagine this would be even better with espresso, but we do not have an espresso maker. When the coffee is made, let it cool a bit then pour it into your ice cube tray of choice. Place the trays in the freezer and allow to freeze completely. You may notice that my cubes are long rectangles. Well, they're more than just that. They are these.

I have Han Solo frozen in coffeenite. Yeah. Next put in your glass 1 part Irish cream and 1 part almond milk. Stir, then add the coffee ice cubes. As you drink, the coffee melts and releases into the drink. It's great. If you don't drink booze, leave out the Irish cream. If you don't do booze or caffeine, then I'm very, very sorry. And you could use decaff. 

Now, please use the comments to come up with a better name for this drink. That's it. Drink up.

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